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You look good my darling slut, standing in the corner with your hands on your head, dressed in your old school uniform. Even at the grand age of twenty-seven it still fits your slim figure beautifully. My cock is already so very hard.
The flash goes off, and I give you an order,
" Lift the skirt slut"
I watch as your hands slowly and teasingly lift up the skirt exposing your ass and white school knickers.
The flash goes again.
" Over the chair slut"
I watch you lay across the chair, before I walk up behind you and lift your skirt, posing you ready for the next shot. I can see the damp patch in your knickers already and we have only been doing this for a few minutes. My hand rubs gently over your pussy lips, making them just a little more prominent against the white cotton, making my little slut squirm just a bit.
I take a great shot from behind, and then another one from the side.
Do I hear a little sigh as you feel my hands pulling down your panties? What a delicious pose that is, you laid over the chair, white panties at mid thigh, legs slightly apart exposing your pussy for me.
Another great shot.
I rest my hand on your naked buttocks, telling you that this is where we start to enjoy things a little more. The timed exposure catches my hand resting on your ass.
" Little slut, are you quite ready?"
" Yes Master" you reply with an expectant eagerness.
My hand comes down hard onto your left buttock; I leave it there for a few seconds, before slowly taking it away. There is a fantastic red handprint glowing from your white flesh.
I take three shots of that one.
It excites me to see you slip from your skirt, then you stand there in front of me in your white blouse, school tie, hair up in bunches, those naughty panties still at mid thigh. Pulling you over my lap, you struggle a little as I start to spank you. I easily hold both of your hands in one of mine to keep you from trying to protect your ass; my other hand spanks you hard.
" Keep still slut" I say, and you stop struggling. Your arse is a wonderful warm glow of reddened flesh, as I place you back over the chair for yet more photos.
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