horny nurse in white uniform poses on the bed
horny nurse in white uniform poses on the
bed displaying her ass and legs in white pantyhose

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This is an erotic sight; you bound to the bed with two vibrators working their magic together on your glistening pink pussy.
The flash from the camera causes you to open your eyes, but soon, very soon they close once again as you lay there being pleasured. I do enjoy watching you as you become more and more excited, your hips slowly moving, your little moans and sighs are the best, almost as good as when you cum. That really turns me on.
I don't have to wait very long, do I my slut? Your sounds pleasure my ears, and once again you have yet another orgasm. Eventually I untie your arms, looking at the satisfied smile on your face.
" Susi, come with me to the bathroom"
I walk behind you, watching your bottom move ahead of me, and remembering how nice it was to spank you earlier, the memory of it makes my cock spring to attention again.
You open the door for me saying
" Please be quick, I need to take a pee too"
My arm comes around you, pulling you in with me
" Here slut, put these back on" I hand you the white school knickers, and as you slip into them again, I position you in the shower cubicle, my hand already in your panties teasing your clit.
This time though, the heel of my hand is pressing against your full bladder.
“ Oh Master, what are you doing?” You gasp, and try to get away from my hand, but it’s not difficult to hold you still and after a couple more little pulses of pressure from me, you start to pee.
My cock is pressing hard against your bottom now. Your piss is warm against the flesh of our legs, as I move my hips, rubbing my cock against your ass. My other hand is between your legs, feeling the gush of warm liquid splashing us both.
Finally, with another of your little sighs, you’re finished and now your knickers are soaking wet. You put one hand behind you feeling for my cock, the other hand is turning on the shower, as you say,
" Master, would you like to fuck under the shower?"



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