Two lesbians: blonde girl and horny nurse in red uniform and white pantyhose play on sofa
Two lesbians: blonde girl and horny nurse in red uniform
and white pantyhose play on sofa

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"Oh, Oh God don't stop. Please just do me." Allie continued her work while she fingered her own cunt with own of her hands. With her other she began to finger Jessica's ass hole. Jessica was pulling on her nipples and moaning in pleasure. She had never had anything invade her ass hole before and it was beginning to drive her over the edge. "Oh yes, yes, oh. Fuck yeah, I'm gonna cum, I'm...gonna...cum." Allie speed up her efforts. Her tongue dove deeper and her finger drove harder into the tight little ass of Jessica. "yes, yes, I'm cumming...I'm cumming...I'm fucking cumming for a cheerleader...I'm cumming for the hottest cheerleader." Her pussy began spueing juices all over Allie's face. The cheerleader savored every single drop that hit her tongue. She continued to finger herself while she repositioned herself so that her pussy was over Jessica's mouth. Jessica immediately grabbed Allie's butt and pulled her cunt lips down onto her waiting mouth. Jessica sucked and liked her clit while fingering the blondes tight pussy with one hand.
With her other hand she needed the blonde cheerleaders tit. Allie began to moan.
" Ohhhh, ohhh yeah. Oh my god you do this realy well for a first timer. It won't belong till I cum." Jessica then began to change her tactic. She let go of Allie's tit and put both her hands on her butt and roughly kneeded her cheeks at the same time pulling her down on to her face. She was now using her tongue to fuck Allie's pussy. "Holy shit thats fucking amazing. Yeah make me cum. OH....Oh...Oh fuck I'm gonna cum. Yyyeeeesssss." Allie feel forward as her pussy spilled its juice all over Jessica's face. Jessica tried to like as much of it up as possible. Allie moved again and kissed Jessica on the lips. They tasted their own juices on eachother. Jessica smiled at her new lover.
" I guess this project will take longer than we thought."
" No I can finish the project in an hour. But that isn't gonna stop you from coming over I hope."
" Oh you don't have to worry about that." Allie got off of Jessica and began to get dressed and fix her hair. "Where are you going?"
" I've got to get ready for the football game, it's in an hour."
" So what do I do?"
" You are going to get dressed and go too. Oh and instead of putting on your normal clothes I think you should wear something that shows off your body."
" Realy like what."
" Well I've got a really tight sweater and a tight pair of blue jeans that are to big for me. I think they'd fit you perfectly. Oh and do me a favor and don't ware anything under the sweater that way If I get a chance I can feel you up without to much work."
They both got dressed and Allie in her cheerleader outfit and Jessica in the sweater, jeans, and her panties...



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